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PF Auto-loading blacklists from scripts

Discussion in 'Firewalls' started by IT_Architect, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. IT_Architect

    IT_Architect New Member

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    I'm looking for ways to auto-loading blacklists from scripts. I don't know Perl, but I do PHP, Java, C, shell scripting, and about every other language out there. I will learn Perl if required.

    1. Is the script on the EmergingThreats thread pretty well hammered out?

    2. I can get a zip of countries and their IPs at IPDeny. I see plenty of scripts out there to assemble the countrys' IPs and install them in Linux iptables. What I need is one that will simply assemble the IPs of selected countries into a list I can use as a blacklist.


    Edit: What I've learned here is everybody's script is the cats meow...for them. You may be able to pick up an idea or two from their scripts, but it's a fraction of the work to write your own compared to modifying one written by someone else.