Pass-otp and 2FA

I've been using password-store (pass) as a password manager for a while now.
Recently it got support for extensions, and one of them is pass-otp

So, I would like to use it for 2FA for this forum (great feature, btw) as a backup/addition to FreeOTP Android application that I've been using.

To do that, I'll have to pass several options to pass-otp:
  • secret key, base32-encoded
  • algorithm (sha1, sha256 or sha512)
  • period for a TOTP secret (default is 30 seconds)
  • number of digits (default is 6)
Since FreeOTP, after scanning the QR code, just works, am I wrong to assume that, after plugging the key shown when I enabled 2FA into it, pass-otp will work too?
In other words, does the forum's 2FA backend use the common defaults (sha1, 30 seconds, 6 digits, and the key is base32-encoded)?

Thank you.
It should really be a matter of setting it up and noting identification key. Then generate OTP entry with:

pass otp insert -s YOURTOTPID

You can even manually add information into your existing freebsd forums entry in the following format:

otp_secret: YOURTOTPID
otp_type: totp
otp_algorithm: sha1
otp_period: 30
otp_digits: 6

Works fine on my end :)