Solved packaging Rust programs

Chuck Musser

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I'm looking to create packages for some Rust software I've written. The Ports infrastructure has worked well for things written in C, but it seems oriented towards things built with the make utility. Rust uses uses the Cargo system, so I'm not sure how to fit it into Ports.

A couple of ideas:

1. Create an ordinary Ports project and, in the Rust "source project", have a Makefile with an "install" target. That target invokes "cargo build", then does an install of the binary into a staging directory where the Ports scripts can find it and package it up.

2. Somehow get Cargo to do what it does normally, then create a package with pkg-create. I've never used that tool, but it seems like it might be more suited to this.

What have other people done to package up their Rust programs?