Solved Owncloud install

I have been through every possible install guide there is and am still not successful getting this to work... I am currently running FreeBSD 10.3 and have Apache24 installed and working.

Can someone please point me in the direction of an install guide?
Both... None of the guides I found have every step... I have to piece the thing together like a bad case on CSI: Miami...
I did read the original Installation material... I was getting stuck on the PHP stuff.
I ended up going with Nextcloud, which I admit I didn't even know was a thing.
I live the web interface, but the PC client leaves a lot to be desired.
Can't keep several folder sync'd at the same time and no way to select how long in between syncs.
The ownCloud and Nextcloud clients are the same with different theme, at least for now.

What do you mean by "Can't keep several folders sync'd at the same time"?

I have my folders in $HOME all syncing separated. However, Nextcloud does only sync one per time. The sync happen after every change.
On PC, testing for deployment.
I'm trying to have my ~home dir sync as well as some dirs on my e:\ drive.
It keeps trying to merge the two.
hum. I never experienced this behavior, however I never tried to sync an external drive.

However, I do not sync my $HOME entirely, just the not hidden folders: Documents, Downloads, Music etc. and they are kept on separated sync connections. I do not use the ownCloud/Nextcloud folder.

Have you created new separated sync connections for each one, $HOME and External?
So Im guessing the way to accomplish what I want is to have separate sync for every folder I want sync'd? I was under the impression that the software was able to keep better records of what goes where. I will try that tomorrow...
If you use a "big" folder to sync everything, everything will be inside of a single folder at the Nextcloud server side. However organized as the original folder inside it. Nexcloud keep track of the sync using some hidden files inside the folders.