Other Window Managers ..., _ION_,... etc.

For different reasons i would remove ION here and replace it with some other tiled WM (ratpoison, dwm, etc).
What is the hype about? Is that one of the only tiled wm still being worked on? I like twm :) the only thing I miss is a little taskbar-something..
Btw.. has anyone got problems building awesome 3.0 in freebsd? see that the port is only in the 2.0 branch still..
cpcnw said:

He can use any of dozen or so panels and tasks bars from ports.
I used to have something like this in my .xinitrc file

feh --bg-scale /path_to_my_wallpaper & xfce4-panel & exec openbox

Now TWM has another "problem". It does not support virtual desktops. No problem. There is ported application which can add
virtual desktops to TWM if necessary. There is also a TWM clone
with hard coded virtual desktops.

I personally use CWM (calm window manager) which is fully debugged and written almost from the scratch for OpenBSD.
I used OpenBox for a long time. I like TWM very, very much and
if I have to replace CWM that would be probably my manager of choice. I like Joe's own window manager and I also like dwm (dynamic window manager).
DemoDoG said:
Is that one of the only tiled wm still being worked on?
No way. If anything, tiled window managers are on the rise among the sysadmins who haven't been bitten with the Apple bug. The currently active ones that I know about are Xmonad (my prefered), stumpwm, dwm, wmii, awesome, ratpoison, and ion.
I just downloaded afterstep2.2 and tried and will use it for a little while
just for grins, cause I can lol I don't want the window manager to be dominate for my desktop I just edited my ~/.xinitrc to exec afterstep
and try something new
CWM for FreeBSD

Like Oko, I am also an OpenBSD cwm user -- so I "ported" it to FreeBSD so I didn't have to go with dwm, twm, etc...

I like evilwm's move-to-corner shortcuts, so I implemented those (see man pages), but other than that, it's OpenBSD's cwm.

I can send the source if anyone wants it -- can't seem to attach a .tar.gz file...
CWM for FreeBSD

Here's the source for cwm (ported from OpenBSD -current via CVS checkout around the end of September).

I've been running it since September on FreeBSD 7.0 and 8.0 (current).

Download it, extract it, run 'make install' in the source directory, add '/usr/local/bin/cwm' to your .xinitrc -- and don't forget to read the docs...


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thanx! at first when I ran it I thought something had gone wrong since it was so barebone :) so what do you think is it´s advantages?
OpenBSD's cwm for FreeBSD

cwm's advantages stem from the fact that I am a keyboard jockey with very little desire to use a pointing device.

cwm has great keyboard control for manipulating windows and launching applications, but still allows for the free-floating feel when I use an application that is more pointer-oriented (Firefox or rdesktop to Windows box).

Also, I like using my screen real estate for terminal windows and applications, not widgets or title bars, etc...

Tiled window managers are cool too, but a little more awkward for me as a user.

BTW, evilwm is in the ports tree, and it works -- but there is no application launcher and the granularity of window movement was too course. I started digging through evilwm's code to add the features I wanted, but found the design of OpenBSD's cwm and it's source code to be easier to work with -- and it already had the features I wanted.

I did like evilwm's "jump-to-corner" keyboard shortcut functionality to be pretty convenient, so I implemented that feature.

Have fun.