OrangePi PC (allwinner h3)


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I'm not sure if the Allwinner H3 is supported so this may or may not work. But a good starting point would probably be to follow the instructions for a "regular" Raspberry Pi.


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Thank you, I have read the instructions for a Raspberry Pi, they broadcom processors. As far as I understand the boot on Allinner H3 is very different from even their series A10 / A20. Therefore, the question asked in this forum, maybe someone else has achievements for Allwinner H3.


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The H3 looks interesting, and is a little faster than the A10/A20 cubie stuff (1.2 GHz). They're calling it a "budget entry" targeted to home entertainment. Anyway, it looks like the SDK for the H3 was released only a few months ago, so it'll probably be a little while before the "FreeBSD BSF" port stuff can be put together. If you're in a hurry, NetBSD usually manages to get a machine port assembled before your morning pancakes are done. Someone here needs to hire those guys.