ZFS Oracle ZFS Snapshot

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hi everyone - I am new to this forum and new to Oracle ZFS technology. just a brief backdrop I am an Oracle DBA/Programmer 14 years. we are currently managing 2 Oracle X4 Servers with Windows 2008 R2 and a new Oracle ZFS Storage Unit.

the question I have is we would like to Automate Batch files along the following lines:

Project to automate with a script or scripts the manual process of the following:

1. Create a clone of an existing snapshot taken automatically at 2:00 AM by the Oracle ZFS storage unit.
2. Have windows Server mount the unmounted iSCSI clone created by the ZFS storage unit.
3. Windows calls a script to robocopy files from the mounted clone to a physical storage location.
4. Script to have Oracle ZFS unit destroy the clone.

any tips/ advice / recommendations on how to get this done and point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.
What does this have to do with FreeBSD since its more of a Windows problem. :rolleyes:

Oracle ZFS has evolved so much after they discontinued OpenSolaris project few years ago and you may not get correct answers here since FreeBSD's ZFS is a forked version of OpenSolaris' ZFS. Currently, it's not even possible to migrate ZFS snapshots from Oracle to FreeBSD.
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