Options for virtual machines on FreeBSD



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What options are there for virtual machines on FreeBSD.
I dont' mean freebsd being the virtual machine.
but actually running vms on freebsd


Beastie's Twin

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Bhyve is native and built into FreeBSD base.

emulators/xen works but you must manually compile devel/libvirt with Xen enabled in the ports options.
You also want sysutils/xen-tools

It really helps to have a beefy machine with plenty of RAM and Cores.

You can also use libvirt with Bhyve and use deskutils/virt-manager for GUI administration.
This way uses a different method than the handbook. You must configure everything in XML files to get libvirt running bhyve.



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I've found VirtualBox to be painfully slow with Windows guests. (Haven't tried any of the others though). This has been on two fairly powerful machines and giving the Windows guest 2 processors and 8 GB of RAM. Just my experience. I imagine bhyve works best as it's builtin. It could be better documented, but that will come with time. (For example, the handbook says nothing about a Windows guest, though the wiki now has pages on it.