how do you install them?
i donwload dictionary i want, and then instal as mentioned un my post above.

works with ooo3
Even when I try to get the auto-spellcheck working in Solaris 2008.11 - it just doesn't work. I read the help files, I follow directions, and nothing.
Maybe this is Gods way of telling me I need to learn to spell, because this just isnt working.
kamikaze said:
Doesn't work for me. This is a well known problem, I just never found a solution on the web.

Same problem here.

Maybe some vote?

// + ,

So installing dictionary by macro is not possible.

//(Not) working workaround -
Sure, these are patches for ports tree.

I'm currently using OOo 3.1 @ 8-CURRENT amd64 +, dictionaries are working.

// Nevermind. I misunderstood you probably.

I've built today OOo 3.1 with these patches from good-day sources.