OpenLDAP and filesystem sockets


I am having a weird issue with net/openldap24-server.

I have setup a net/samba44 server and inserted all the proper entries in the LDAP server. I have properly setup nss_ldap.conf and communicates with it.

Now, everything works well if I am to use a network socket. If I use a filesystem socket, getent group will stall after the "Domain Admins" entry.

Any idea as of why getent would do this?

Hi aribi,

The entry passwd and group are files ldap. It works well IP based unless I misunderstand how the whole LDAP system works.
Must I always specify the host name in the nss_ldap.conf in order to use sockets?
AFAIK nss_ldap.conf from net/nss_ldap defines settings for the ldap nameservices library. It needs either a URI specification (rfc2255) or a set of host,port,bind etc parameters. The docs seem very specific that it has to be a host (by name or ip).
How and where did you set UnixDomain socket for this connection?