Solved On FreeBSD office hours and secret of getting free publicity



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It was the 27th of May, 2020. I had been watching the Core Team edition of FreeBSD Office Hours, for nearly one hour, when it suddenly got cut off. It wasn't anything like a power out, but somewhat of school bell. The time is up, everybody should go home.
Then I realized, there are many limitations to produce such programmes; no time to spare. For example, you are not expected to write down the name of the attendees below the description, or to end the programme by mentioning the name of moving heads on the screen. After all, they are guests, and you are The Host. You are too important to waste your precious time, doing things that amateurs do. There are lots of considerations, such as buying TV airtime, commercial break and segue to next show segment, on cable-TV-like medium such as youtube.
It doesn't matter, if George Neville-Neil or the gentleman with thick accent, starting to make great points. Who cares! It's all about the host. The show must go off, in time at ground zero.