Offline installation ?


I'm rather new to *bsd - and will be for many years to come :)

What I am interested in is offline installation on my PC - for desktop use so I can learn more... - but interestingly I have found out it easyly and can be bandwith consumptive.

One major reason is my ISP is billing for bandwidth use (approx. a 1 USD $ for 7 Mb so its like 100 $ for installation - with out portupgrade , freshports and etc.) So I have to minimze budget on bandwith use. (satellitte /Island ISP)

What I have found is 'toolkits' from bsdmall, (but isn't really covered from - please correct me if mistaking and enlighten me) so You can elaborate on Your new installation from distfiles reachable from cd/dvd -but I haven't tried it yet...

1) What can I/You get with latest 7.0 / 7.1 ISO installation cd's (for desktop use or for server purpose) ?

2) Can I maintain / portupgrade from a CD (offline) ?

3) Your innovative suggestion on keeping bandwidth usage low :)

4) Are there such 'toolkits' ? (offline material CD's)

Please feel free to answer in general terms
If you limited bandwidth I'd suggest getting the CD1, CD2 and CD3 or simply DVD1.

Stick to the packages on that media as pre-compiled packages are much smaller than source code.
ftp server installer...

Mayby I should install ftp server up locally.

So i can install from ftp server, -and just order port updates / upgrades on media monthly or quarterly - and install locally from ftp server. :) . AND it will be much faster from CD/DVD right ?
- imagine LAN 1 Gbit throughput installation ;)
When I experienced problems with my isp I asked people working at internet cafe. They downloaded and burned all CDs for me. I needed to pay only for couple of CDs.
ftp server installer...

Yeah -truth. Traditional FTP installation would take too long and far too more expensive...

But - I meant setting my own locally (not internet based) ftp server a'la regional CVSUP repository server. Just only for locally purpose , a static server not online.

Thank You