OpenBOX obmenu-generator for Openbox in FreeBSD?


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Hello everyone! I'm new to FreeBSD...a very recent convert from Linux. I'm really excited about learning more. :)

I'm an Openbox user, and I thought that I would try installing obmenu-generator on my FreeBSD Openbox system. If you're unaware, obmenu-generator produces a dynamic Openbox menu with or without icons. I used the method that I was familiar with in Linux :what:, and everything went well until I actually tried to start obmenu-generator.

I first installed git and p5-App-cpanminus. I then issued the following commands one at a time...

git clone git://

(as su) cp obmenu-generator/obmenu-generator /usr/bin

cp -r obmenu-generator/ ~/.config/obmenu-generator/

(as su) cpanm Linux::DesktopFiles (this actually seemed to work despite having "Linux" in the command)

(as su) cpanm Data::Dump

(as su) cpanm File::DesktopEntry

(as su) chmod +x /usr/bin/obmenu-generator

All of that seemed to go well with no errors, so I ran the final command to invoke the menu (with icons)...

obmenu-generator -p -i

...and recieved this message in the terminal...

sh: obmenu-generator: not found
Obmenu-generator is a perl script, so I'm not sure at this point why the "sh" is there in the error. I also wonder if the "Linux" in that one command could have some bearing on the situation. I've looked at the chmod command for FreeBSD, and it seems that the command that I used was okay, but I'm not sure.

I'll gladly use obmenu, but I just thought I'd give this a shot to see if it would work. Can anyone give me any assistance with what I should do or try?

Thank you.


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First: the current directory isn't always in your search path, so that could be an issue. Instead of just issuing the filename also specify a path: ./obmenu-generator.

Another possible issue could be the she-bang; the first line of the script. Check that it actually points to a valid location for Perl. See also which perl.


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Thank you. I'll try to see if I can figure this out. It may be a lost cause...I can find nothing online about installing obmenu-generator on FreeBSD, and I have much to learn in the ways of the BSD. ;)


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Hi! Thank you. I have obmenu already installed and will use it if I can't get obmenu-generator to work. Well...I actually have a couple of my old menu.xml files that I can use, so I really wouldn't have to use obmenu much...except for adding new items/removing items. :)

Obmenu-generator creates a dynamic menu that will automatically add/remove applications. One can also choose to have icons in the menu or not. The menu (with icons) will automatically use the chosen icon theme that is used on the system if you change your system's icon theme, the menu automatically adopts the new icons.

Still haven't had luck getting it to work on FreeBSD yet though. :-/

Thanks again.