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I've been using FreeBSD as a server OS for a little while now, but decided to use it a a desktop operating system too. I have really enjoyed being able to decide what to compile into each and every program I install and have set up a minimalist desktop using openbox, but I think I may have left something out of the configuration of one of the ports.

When I start obconf I get the error:

(obconf:78634): Gtk-WARNING **: GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zeor page size is deprecated

So I looked up the error and found that the main cause of this error is a bad rc.xml in ~/.config/openbox/, and I look and mine (which was the one installed by the ports system in /usr/local/etc/xdg/rc.xml) and sure enough, one of the comments was messed up, so I fixed that and obconf still failed to start.

I then found a forum post here that talked about editing the source code for obconf for more verbose error messages. So I edited preview.c in obconf's /work directory and the next time I started obconf it return an error, but this time printed out the name of the theme that was crashing it. So I deleted that theme, thinking that maybe it was configured wrong (which apparently is known to cause issues like this) but then obconf crashed at the next theme, so I deleted all the themes for openbox from /usr/local/share/themes and obconf started!

So, doubting that all the themes were really messed up I installed a theme from the internet, it installed, but immediately obconf crashed. My theory is that I left out something when I compiled X11 that allowed images to be displayed. I suspect that obconf is crashing as it tries to display the thumbnail preview of the themes available, but that is just an idea.

On another note (though it may be related) I am using pcmanfm, (with pcmanfm -d & in autostart.sh) and have it set to manage the desktop, but it doesn't as far as I can tell, and is certainly not displaying the background that I have it set to display. feh does work though.

I would appreciate any help or suggestions anyone might have on what to do to make obconf work and possibly pcmanfm for the desktop. Thanks!