Other NVMe hot swap working?


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I'm about to buy a few more servers and it seems like NVMe is the way things are going, and the pricing is decent enough. The "U.2" standard seems here to stay and there are plenty of servers with NVMe "hot swap" bays for "U.2" format drives.

I've done a fair amount of googling and looking through mailing list archives and I'm not really seeing anything definitive on whether or not FreeBSD supports hot swap on NVMe drives or not. I imagine it's a tricky mess - it's not like pulling a drive off the SATA or SAS bus, you're basically removing a PCIe device without powering the host off.

We'd probably be looking at FreeBSD 12.1 as the OS by the time we have everything in place...

Anyone with practical experience who can weigh in on whether hot swap exists and more importantly, how well it works?



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NVMe is new, very new. So, with regards to FreeBSD you are asking a question where the answer might be in the future some time.
Questions more suited for today would be things like:
- how good is NVMe support in FreeBSD today?
- how stable is it? (Production, can be tested, or do not put data on it that you can't afford to lose)
- are all NVMe controllers / chips supported?
and so on. No, I do not now the answers to those questions myself, but this is the feeling I get from reading some of FreeBSD's mailing lists on the subject.