Nvidia Ge Force 2 on FreeBSD 10.2?


I got very old PC with AMD Sempron 1.8GHz CPU and 1GB SDRAM PC, and I installed FreeBSD 10.2 on that machine. I want to use this machine as WordPress server. Everything works fine but this PC got very old GPU GeForce 2. I looked on Nvidia's website and the driver I need is 96 version, but when I start compiling stuff it says that it doesn't support my version of OS. Is there any way that I can install proprietary Nvidia 96 driver on FreeBSD 10.2? Thanks in advance.
No, it's too old and full of vulnerabilities even if you got it to compile. The bundled libraries are likely incompatible with a modern userland too.

Why do you need it? If you're using that machine as a Wordpress server only, you don't need to have a graphics driver.