NTFS file system

Regards to all,
can you tell me how to set kernel that could write to NTFS file system or give me some tutorial?

P.S I edit fstab and mount ntfs partition but i can not write data only read.
I think that the only thing you need to be aware when using the ntfs3g driver on freebsd is that it doesn't work perfectly when the system is under load. The following is the relevant excerpt from the README.FreeBSD file from fusefs-ntfs port:
When reading/writting the same file repeatedly while doing many simultaneous
operations on different files sometimes the former one fails: read(2) returns
-1 and sets errno to EAGAIN. This is because of a difference between the FUSE
kernel implementation in Linux and FreeBSD, and is being worked on. An example
scenario would be playing a song in XMMS, while building many ports, which
could cause XMMS skip the song. Another observed problem is the current
directory not being found, but entering again would work. The details are
described in fuse4bsd (sysutils/fusefs-kmod) documentation (Linux access is
path based while FreeBSD is vnode based, which may be reused)
You also need to know that until the module is unloaded you cannot be certain that all data has actually been written to the disk. Therefore you should add some things to your rc.conf:

The first line will load the kernel module upon startup and attempt to unload it upon shutdown.

The second line will keep on trying to unload the module upon shutdown until it succeeds. This prevents data loss.

The third line will lay the shutdown watchdog to rest while this is attempted to ensure that it doesn't interrupt the shutdown script. I've had cases where the system needed more than 2 minutes to write all data to the disk. However the watchdog timer hits after 30 seconds, so in this case the fusefs_safe_evil flag is necessary to prevent data loss.