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Hi, non of the shell commands work. When I press ls it gives me command not found.
It is the same on all of the ttyv's
Would anyone please be able to help me with this matter?

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Don't hijack six year old threads that have nothing in common with your problems. Post split off into its own thread.

When I press ls it gives me command not found.
In this thread you've been messing around with the PATH settings. I'm fairly certain you messed that up.

Does /bin/ls work? If yes, then your PATH is messed up.


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Please inspect the output of "echo $PATH" and "which ls". You could also share it here and have us inspect it, but I'd much rather have you learn how to understand these concepts yourself.

After you're done with that, inspect the output of "set". You should be able to explain why every line in there exists, and what it does.