MATE Non-existent files show up on MATE desktop

When I download files using the chrome browser, a temporary file with a ".crdownload" extension is created until the file finishes downloading.

I download a few files. They downloaded correctly. I have since removed the files I downloaded. The ".crdownload" files should have removed themselves. In a way, the ".crdownload" did remove themselves, but they still show up on my desktop.

For some reason: although these ".crdownload" files do not exist, they show up on my desktop, and I cannot find a way to remove them.

Any ideas?
There be ways around it, but it seems like it should not happen in the desktop.

Anyway, I fixed the problem. Completely broke my system in doing so. And think I may have my system working again.

I deleted everything, except the directories, in /tmp.

Then I followed instructions from the last post in this thread so I could shutdown from MATE:

Can't shutdown or restart from within Mate Desktop

After that, my system crashed whenever I brought up my MATE desktop.

I set everything back the way I had it. Uninstalled, then reinstalled MATE.

Thing seem to be working again. The icons from the desktop are gone as well.

Not entirely sure what caused things to break, or how they got fixed.
Crdownload is temporary file that is created whenever you are downloading a file in Google Chrome browser. If you want to know more about crdownload you can visit here.