No output on xconsole


I've changed from FreeBSD 8.3 to 10.1.
I would like to see some kernel printfs with the xconsole, but I can't get it work.
I've played around with the variable kern.vty. Using "sc" or "vt" but it doesn't help.
May this be a bug or am I missing something?

Kind regards,

Is xconsole started by root? It's not setuid at least on 10.1-RELEASE-p10. It sort of works when root. The text console receives each foo0: tag and rest of the messages get thru to xconsole.

Hi Juha!

I'm logged in as root and I'm doing kernel developing.
I've written a small application which listens to the /dev/klog device.
This device shows all kernel output but on the xconsole I still see nothing.
Of course I could use my small app to see the kernel output but I would prefer the xconsole.