Solved No more lists on the forum?

Ey gang,

So I was writing a response to a question when I realized the editor had changed a bit and I couldn't help notice that it's missing the list option in the toolbar, will this option get restored someday? It's a pretty crucial option for tutorials and certain types of answers.

I'm referring to this:
  • This is item one.
  • And here's two.
Now, I happen to know the BBCode for it but as mentioned I was expecting something like this to be included in the editors toolbar. Another option which I'm missing out on (but I'm not 100% sure if it was ever there) is the option to indent text. Though I suppose that won't be used too much.


Staff member
The editor allows a lot of customization of the buttons. Looking at the layout options I see the button for "Lists" was disabled, I've enabled it so it should be there now.