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I am a newbie with about 8 hours of usage using TrueOS.

Can I ask for help on this forum ? My 1st and 2nd questions are that: 1 ) I have no sound in any games 2 ) the Suspend feature locks up my computer and I have to turn off power-supply.

I have published a Google Doc about my initial experience at:
[Mod: email address redacted]
David in Arcola, Texas, U.S.A.
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Loved you comment at point 18: :D:)

18. At the present time, I do not know any other humans using this operating system.

Welcome into the BSDs world!
The forum policy is that TrueOS questions aren't allowed.

Sometimes you get an answer though--if you first try their forums, then get no answer, then put TrueOS in the subject line maybe with something (Tried their forums, got no response),
and then it depends who sees it. I mean, these forums don't officially support anything--one posts a problem, and hopes that someone who knows the answer will see it.

Unfortunately though, the two questions you mention are probably specific to TrueOS rather than FreeBSD, so in those particular cases, you're almost certainly better off asking there. I don't know how active their forum is these days though.
Version notwithstanding, welcome to the world of BSD :) I left 18 years of Linux behind a few months ago for this and I love it. I am a minimalist and a tinkerer so your mileage may vary but I am happy anyway.
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