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New subcategory needed



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I was about the post a question/observation on FreeBSD jails management tools when I realized that the forum is lacking subcategory for such kind of questions. Could admins please open subcategory Virtualization inside the category Server and Networking IMHO all questions related to the use of Jails, Bhyve, Xen Dom0 (Experimental on 11.0), and VirtualBox should be posted in this subcategory.

Thank you.


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I like the idea, but I wonder if it would break the topics structure. For example, VirtualBox is just an application, but when used, it feels more like a feature of our OS. Is Network realy it? So many categories are possible: Porting VirtualBox's features on FreeBSD, installation issues in the host OS, guest OS compatibility issues, ...

But since X.Org has it own under Desktop Usage, mayby Virtualization Tools could go there as well.