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The FreeBSD Forums Administration Team is pleased to announce that the switch from the phpBB bulletin board software to XenForo is completed.

Last year, there was a security issue with our vBulletin instance, and the FreeBSD Forums switched to phpBB. Since then, we have discovered that phpBB does not support all the features we feel are needed. After evaluating several bulletin board programs, XenForo was chosen because it fit our needs in terms of extensibility, security, and the ease of administration.

During the migration, we cleaned up the database and converted 26,000 users and almost 260,000 messages in more than 38,000 threads.
Users can log in with their existing password from phpBB.

We want to thank the FreeBSD Foundation for funding the XenForo license. We also want to thank @danger@ for the excellent work on the actual conversion, and all of the forum users for their patience.
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