NEO2 Installation Failure

Hi folks. Bought a NEO2 and tried a suggested version to install. Scanned the LAN and the box didn't show up. There is no video port on this guy, and/or I didn't purchase anything so I could hook up a monitor to it. Flashed Ubuntu onto the same card, into the same NEO2 and it works fine.

Is there a STABLE or RELEASE of v11.0 that I can try? At this point I'm not sure where to look for possible NEO2 FreeBSD alternatives. I was hoping someone had some experience with this little computer. Thank you.
Ya that's the link I followed to find the suggested install, but it's of a version where I'll get spanked if I mention it in here. So I'm stuck with a non-responding box with no way of finding out what might be the issue.
I don't know the hardware but I imagine there's a way to hook up a serial console cable. That'll be slow but at least you would be able to see what it's doing and configure it. Until you can configure the network and access it that way.
Ya I might order it and take a look. A shame considering there's no real notes on the NEO2 distros.
The "problem" is the sheer number of ARM based SoCs. These aren't your run of the mill CPUs. They're a CPU plus an assortment of peripherals for I/O. And it's this that's causing problems, there are so many different variations it's difficult to create a "single" image that works for everything.
I can only imagine. The point of this project was to find a source for cheap hardware that I could order in bulk instead of being limited to a single Raspberry Pi. If I had the knowledge and time, I'd take a stab at it.
Uh, Phishfry replied and it's not in this thread. The move crossed the streams, I'm guessing. So I will quote..

Based around H5 A53 chip. Looks like OrangePi PC2 board uses the same.
No video out but has a GPU. Odd.

Yes, indeed. I can't find any images for those items either. Found another board, still nothing.

Will post if I find something.