Need JRE in Firefox or Chrome

Running 64-bit FreeBSD 10.3. I have Firefox 49 and Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 (64-bit) and Midori 0.5.11 installed.

I am taking a skillsoft course that requires JRE installed in the browser. I installed JRE, but I can find no way to add the plugin for any browser.

Is this even possible?

Any advice appreciated.
Good luck with that. Firefox and Chrome no longer support JRE. Don't know about the port mentioned.

I would suggest re-evaluating the course you are taking.

EDIT: Had to look it up. JRE won't work in Edge and Oracle has now deprecated it, meaning, don't use that anymore.
When I go to Add-ons -> Plugins I see this there: IcedTea-Web Plugin (using IcedTea-Web 1.6.2)

It seems like that should work, but it doesn't. The skillsoft app still won't launch.

I will try rebooting. Just because I don't know what else to do.
Java plugin needs NPAPI, which is an old Netscape api for browser plugins. Firefox is the only major browser which still supports it, and Mozilla is about to drop it in near future, too. I am confused with Chrome, there is no Chrome for FreeBSD. Are you running Chromium instead ? You can't have Java in either Chrome or Chromium.
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