Solved Need a specific iso image

Hi all,

Doing some maintenance work, I accidentally deleted the iso file that's used currently on one of my servers. For custodial and managerial purposes, I try and keep the original .iso files used to install everything.

Is it possible to grab the FreeBSD 12.0 Current 20170413 disc1 ISO File from somewhere? All Google hits have it removed, showing the earliest release being 20170420.

Please let me know if I can get a copy of this ISO file. Thanks.
Can't really help you here, but just wondering: I do hope you're not using 12 CURRENT on some kind of production server? Because that would be a pretty bad idea considering the highly unstable state its in (it's basically a developer snapshot).

Anyway, used a little Google-fu myself and all I can find are virtual machine images. So something tells me that these aren't available anymore.
Thanks for the links.

And it's not being used for production, no. Just a closed off prototyping server. I didn't know that 12-CURRENT was unstable however, I'll be sure to keep that in mind.