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I'm trying to connect my site to MySQL.

CONNECTION NAME: (I choose any name)
MYSQL SERVER: localhost
USERNAME: chennon_username (user of the MySQL Database - created with Hosting)
PASSWORD: (password to the above user- created with Hosting)

I'm having problems connecting. I'm using php, Dreamweaver CC, and XAMPP (test server) for my site. When I connect I receive errors.

Error #1: Your PHP server doesn't have the MySQL module loaded or you can't use the mysql_(p)connect functions.

Error #2 (MySQL Error #1045): Access denied for user 'chennon_username@localhost' (using password: YES)

Error #3: a) There is no test server running on the server machine b) The testing server specified for this site does not map to the http://localhost/_mmServerScripts/MMHTTPDB.php URL. Verify that the URL Prefix maps to the root of the site.

I been searching online for answers but no luck. I hope you guys can help me. It's been over a week now.


Not open for further replies.