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Joni Mitchell - Painting with Words and Music (1:36:30)

Recorded in 1998 at Warner's Lot in Los Angeles.
Musicians: Brian Blade-drums, Mark Isham-Trumpet, Greg Leisz-pedal steel gear
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0:00 Intro, Tiger Bones
2:50 Big Yellow Taxi
6:09 Just Like This Train
10:57 Introducing the Band
11:39 Night Ride Home
15:08 The Crazy Cries of Love
19:55 Harry's House
24:23 Black Crow
27:54 Monologue (on Hejira)
29:17 Amelia
36:04 Hejira
42:32 Monologue (on justice, Sex Kills)
44:22 Sex Kills
47:57 Magdalene Laundries
52:32 Moon at The Window
56:56 Monologue ("Good morbid Christmas songs")
57:24 Face Lift
1:01:43 Monologue (on Why Do Fools Fall in Love)
1:02:02 Why Do Fools Fall in Love
1:04:08 Trouble Man (orig. by Marvin Gaye)
1:07:59 Comes Love (orig. by Stan H. Stept, lyrics by Lew Brown and Charles Tobias)
1:13:08 Song For Sharon
1:21:02 Monologue Pt. 1 (on Woodstock, Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame ft. Graham Nash)
1:23:59 Monologue Pt. 2 (a Knitting story)
1:29:24 Woodstock
1:34:45 excerpt from Dreamland, while credits roll