ZFS Moved HDD to another SATA port - what to change to boot?

Hi all,

When I was installing FreeBSD 10.1 the HDD was on one SATA port alone.
I need to move it to another port and attach 2 more drives with Windows and Linux.
Boot drive will be selected in the BIOS boot menu.
What configuration files do I need to edit to accommodate moving the HDD?
Now it is ada0 and the partitions are 1 /boot, 2 swap and 3 root.
/etc/fstab says

/dev/ada0p2  none  swap  sw  0  0

The new device designation will be ada2.
Change the line to
/dev/gpt/swap0                  none            swap    sw              0       0
Then it won't matter what designation the drive gets.
Thank you!
I may be having a different problem then, as after moving to another SATA port the system boots or fails to boot randomly. Need to check if HDD is simply failing.