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Other Mounting USB Stick



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Problems mounting a usb:

When the stick is inserted get stout mesgs' ..
umass0: ugen6.2<SanDisk..> at scbus6
umass0::3:0:-1 scbus3
da0: ... size make etc

camcontrol devlist
shows references to da0 ....

gpart show = shows da0
also shows 14G MBR
gpart show da0 = gives info
same 14G MBR
gpart add ...-s 8G says not enough storage
usbconfig is rather sketchy.

mount /dev/da0 /mnt Invalid Arguement
mount -t file types ... ERRoR
mount /dev/ugen6.2 = Block Device Required ?

There is one file I wanted to save from the usb ...
I don't have any unused sticks ...

So ... Just Reformat with gpart ?
Why can't I mount this device?

Thanks Ron


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Partitions can be mounted, disks can't.

You say you have MBR partition layout on your USB drive and I assume you only have one partition on it. Then the right mount command will look like this:
# mount /dev/da0s1 /mnt/.

And you might want to take a look the the Fomatting Guide ;)