Other Mounting USB drive with utf-8 filenames

I have automount setup to load fat32 usb sticks, it works pretty well but if the filenames have utf-8 characters; I've had issues with Chinese characters then the USB stick will not mount properly. Then even If I manually mount the USB drive, then trying to copy the Chinese filenames to the main HDD also fails.

How can I remedy this?
I doubt you can use all chinese UTF-8 encoded characters on FAT32 filenames.
It could work if you keep inside the range of the first 128 characters of an equivalent none-UTF-8 character set.

Other problems here might be that the UTF-8 keymaps for Chinese also contain Korean and Japanese which might exceed the range of the 128 characters easily without even having the characters you want to use inside that range (that's just a guess I live in Europe and do not know much about chinese characters).
Also doublewith characters will most likeley not work.

And I found this...
The last paragraph starting with caution says that the Yen character could be interpreted as a backslash (\) and that of course is not god.

But as I mentioned, if you use UTF-8 encoding where you create the FAT32 filesystem/files and use UTF-8 on the machine your mounting them and keep inside the first 128 characters and not using the Yen character it would probably work :)
Are you getting any error messages? Or are the filenames being mangled?

Apologies for the late response; the garden called.

The desktop environment is KDE and it just throws a fail to mount type error. I can upload a screenshot a bit later.
Here's a few screenshots from the affected machine.


As you can see the filenames are garbled;
This machine locale is set properly and everything else works except mounting USB sticks with foreign language filenames.

Is there any other way to deal with this? Currently what we do is avoid using English filenames.

Also, I think the USB drive is FAT32 since it's coming from a windows XP machine. Is there another decent interchange file format that I can use from Windows XP to FreeBSD that could avoid these issues?
You probably have none UTF-8 Chinese font or keymap loaded.

The .login_conf setup localization to traditional Chinese with UTF-8. I am not 100% certain about the keymap but I do have Ibus with a few different UTF-8 input methods, all other programs work just fine.

Are there any recommended UTF-8 Chinese fonts that you could recommend to try out?