mount_smbfs on LibreELEC

I'm trying to mount shares on a LibrrELEC system running on an RPi2.

Instructions are shown here.

Windows automatically finds the available shares, but with FreeBSD I get

mount_smbfs -I //LIBREELEC/Configfiles
mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = RPC struct is bad

Configfiles is shown as a shareable folder on Windows and if I ssh into LibreELEC I see Configfiles defined as a share in smb.conf.

What am I doing wrong? Or is there something wrong with the samba setup on LibreELEC?
Do I need to update Samba? And how do I tell which version of the samba client I have installed?
That depends on what you have installed. Samba 4.4 and higher should be fine.

pkg info -x samba
root@Test:~ # pkg info -x samba
root@Test:~ # mount_smbfs -I //LIBREELEC/Configfiles /mnt/dos
mount_smbfs: unable to open connection: syserr = RPC struct is bad
root@Test:~ #

Or is smbfs part of a separate pkg?
...Or is smbfs part of a separate pkg?
Not package, mount_smbfs is base system. mount(8).

For mounting stuff I use fm/pcmanfm with gvfs support. But I was never able to make devel/gvfs mount stuff from command line. In linux I did it some time ago... I was hoping to use it as a replacement for the outdated mount_smbfs (devel/gvfs will be linked to the samba version you have on your system), but couldn't make it mount stuff where I needed it. Neither was I able to figure out WHERE exactly it mounts what it mounts... In linux there are default paths for that, but in FreeBSD they don't work... so I just gave up.


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Sorry, I was thinking the Samba packages would have a client too, but besides smbclient(1) there's really not much included. So I'm afraid you're out of luck.

But OpenElec is just a Linux and it should also support NFS. I would suggest using that instead as there's no SMB2/3 capable mount(8) command at the moment.

Or do it the other way around, mount a Samba share from FreeBSD on OpenElec. The Samba packages do provide a server that supports SMB2/3, just not a client.