motd: If you accidentally end up inside vi

This was the motd when I logged in:

If you accidentally end up inside vi, you can quit it by pressing Escape, colon ( : ), q (q), bang (!) and pressing return.

I had to lol because of the word "accidentally".


The flip side is that when I watch someone that is really good at vi I am always wishing that I would spend the time to get good at it too.

First time I used vi(1) I had to reboot the machine, I just couldn't figure out how to get out of it :D
I learned to use vi, because back then, it was the only editor you could count on being installed on the various systems I worked with.
I had to lol because of the word "accidentally".
Actually, I can understand that. If you have shell in vi mode (set -o vi) there's this feature, neat or annoying depending how you like it to invoke the EDITOR for a command.

It executes the command you have there. It happens to me from time to time that I accidentally press ^v (or esc v) and end up there. Similar to the fc builtin of bash/csh. As ^v is very common for paste (e.g. iTerm2 on OSX allows to paste to terminal with it too) it's not that hard to end up in vi.

I started as a joe user :). First vi encounter is always .. well, first time. Now I can't imagine myself using different editor.