Most UI fonts not displayed in plasma after upgrade


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I have been a Linux user for years and have very recently (about 1 week) moved to FreeBSD. I had to fight for 2 days to get KDE Plasma to work properly.
Unfortunately today after a running a pkg upgrade Plasma doesn't show most fonts on most widgets. The weird thing is that it's not for all fonts, if I pick for instance Times it does show but with default Noto fonts there's absolutely nothing.


I initially thought maybe something went wrong with the upgrade of the plasma packages (from 5.11.2 to 5.14.4) so I tried running
pkg install --force
it reinstalled ALL my installed packages but unfortunately nothing has changed.

Can anyone please help me? I was really happy with FreeBSD compared to Debian which I have been used for like 10yrs but this new problem make me just wanna go back to Debian.

Thank you in advance for any help.



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Dont despair. Proper font rendering is not that easy on *BSD although other systems have their problems, too.
Make sure you installed your needed fonts either via pkg(8) or by copying your font collection to /usr/local/share/fonts or ~/.fonts. Then reload the font cache with # fc-cache -vf.
System wide configuration will be done under the /usr/local/etc/fonts dir and user settings under ~/.config/fontconfig/.
Here is a very good short guide on font settings by vermaden - check it out.
You should also read the handbook chapter 5.5 Using Fonts in Xorg.


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I have font rendering issues after every (even minor) KDE update. The minimal incantation to fix it on my system is to clean cache and KDE locale settings. With KDE turned off i.e. without user logged in, clean .cache and delete and plasma-localerc in .config After that, log in and set up your locale again. (check it is OK with locale)


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Thank you both for the replies.

abishai: you have just contributed to making my day. your "minimal incantation" is just that... magic! It just completely solved my font issues in KDE! I couldn't be more thankful. So far I'm just so in love with FreeBSD that I was starting to become depressed of having to go back to Debian.