Solved MMCCAM on Aarch64 No BSD Slices?



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I built FreeBSD on the CURRENT branch (r347042) for Aarch64 using the new MMCCAM stack. My disk is partitioned as MBR with a 50M FAT partition and a 30G BSD slice with a single UFS partition. Using the old MMC stack the slices appeared as:
  • mmcsd0 (device)
  • mmcsd0s1 (FAT)
  • mmcsd0s2 (BSD)
  • mmcsd0s2a (UFS)
With the new MMCCAM stack it does not see the UFS partition on the BSD slice:
  • sdda0 (device)
  • sdda0s1 (FAT)
  • sdda0s2 (BSD)
I was able to mount the UFS partition using a label (/dev/ufs/rootfs) but I should be seeing sdda0s2a. Is this an issue with the MMCCAM stack?


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I think you best discuss this on the relevant mailing lists. The forum is more about helping users of release editions and doesn't have (m)any developers.