Solved Mirroring SVN for public

Hey all,

right now I'm trying to setup public mirror for FreeBSD in Armenia. I know how to setup www, ftp and www for ftp, however I'm having a hard time understanding how to setup a public SVN, basically I want to mirror at our server so people can use the local mirror to checkout and update the ports tree.

anyone can help me understand the steps?

thanks in advance,
I thought there exists an "official" way of doing that, but nobody replied for long time...
What's wrong in setting up both svn client and server and syncing the local repo by running a cron job, let's say, twice a day?
I guess, the reason is that the handbook mentions SVN «as the only version control system for storing all of FreeBSD's source code, documentation, and the Ports Collection»․


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The SVN is the official tree where all the developers commit code. The Git tree is also official but is a read-only copy. It will be fine if you just want a local copy.
Thank you all for the replies.
I was able to sync the SVN repos (base and ports), now it's all working fine and people are using it =>
since it was not mentioned in the mirroring docs, maybe I'll write a complete howto (with config examples) in the forum or the Wiki.

Thanks again.