Solved Mirage is gone

Mirage is gone from ports. I use it for screenshots and it is my basic image viewer.

I want to graduate up a notch. Simple image editing.

What is between Mirage and a GIMP or Krita.(a viewer and full blown graphics suite)

I thought ImageMagick was a GUI image editor but it appears command line only.

Anything I am missing?
Mirage was perfect for me. It was part of the LXDE suite.
Dang shame to lose it from ports.

Any other GUI image manipulation programs I am missing?


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For some reason I stuck with "xv" from old Sun3 days. Maybe give it a try?
I've been using this for screenshots (which I take in great number for my job); import's in ImageMagick7 and xclip's in xclip.

import png:- | xclip -selection clipboard -t image/png

It's aliased to "s" in my shell, though binding it to a hot-key like F2 using the window manager seems better.

Once captured, the image can be pasted in to a Web browser or other program.