Mini ITX J7F4 - RealTek 8110SC

I have a Jetway J7F4 serial mother board with dual 8110SC gigabit realtek nics... I'm experiencing some difficulties where the nics work intermittently... I can usually get them to work more often leaving the controller in promisc mode, but this is not a true solution to the problem... The specs for the board are at ->

I was wondering if anyone has seen this similar problem with realtek interfaces and if you have any insight on getting it fixed?

Hi MrOlsen,
I have the same motherboard and I have similar problem with nic using FreeBSD 7.1-BETA2. I'm searching now, but no solution yet. What FreeBSD version you have?
great for the info. good to know, as I was planning to buy one of those.
this is the only issue ? :)