Merry Christmast and Happy New Year 2009

Merry Christmas! Just got back from the neighbors', who were kind enough to feed me Mexican food and tequila (on this otherwise uneventful evening).
Happy New Year 2009

with currently a little bit more than 0% alcohol :e , happy new year from germany
trybeingarun said:
Hi all,
Wish u all a very happy 2010!!!

In anticipation of this thread being moved to Off Topic, possibly merged into a similar thread that is already there, (although DD probably has better things to do now) and although as I write this I still have a good 3 hours to go in 2009, I hereby extend similar wishes to whoever reads this.

I guess magical Englellyland will be hitting Mitternacht in about 15 minutes, & I need to finish cooking a duck, so happy (background) fsck'ing New Year to all your Europeons living in 2010 already, the same to y'all Anglishers gettin' there, and all us Americans will be catching up to all y'alls in a couple of hours, so duck (the verb).