Memstick not bootable

Followed the above instruction with:

The hardware is:

I have never made a memstick before but the dd command seemed pretty reasonable.
However, I did two different memsticks on both windows with Win32DiskImager.exe and straight from FreeBSD with the dd command. None of those resulted in a bootable memstick.

I was wondering if I have to gpart the memstick first?
What am I missing here?
Good catch on the IA64... I pasted the wrong link... AMD64 was the image I was using...
So do I have to gpart the memstick before using win32diskimage?
No, the memstick images are supposed to be written directly on the drives. If you initialize the drive before the write with a partition table it doesn't matter, the image contents will overwrite whatever was on the drive including the partition tables.