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mdmfs in a jail


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Hello all

I am trying to make a memory disk for my dansguardian server to store the ipc files
My proxy (dansguardian) server runs in a jail.

if i do
mdmfs -s 128m md /usr/memdisk
i get the following error
mdmfs: mdconfig (attach) exited with error code 1
What am i doing wrong.
Do i need some sysctl set?

Do i need to create the memory disk on the host itself
and mount it from there?

Johan Hendriks


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It's wiser to make it on the host. I'm not sure if it is allowed in a jail or not, I would expect it to fail on the mount part. The error you're seeing is probably caused by /dev/md* being hidden by jail_${name}_devfs_rules.