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mc stalls on startup



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Midnight commander misc/mc is probably my most used program and from time to time it appears to stall on startup, ie it seems to take a minute or two to start. Normally it starts up instantly.

Has anyone else ever come across this and knows why it happens?


Aspiring Daemon

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Yes, many times over ssh, when something tries to resolve hostname for an IP address from which I am connected. Because there is no PTR record for such address in most cases and this stall appears only from time to time I suppose that it is something broken with DNS resolving on given target machine - underlying resolver doesn't return NO RECORD immediately, but tries to find it somewhere to no avail until timeout. Usually regular DNS queries for for example A or CNAME records work just fine - ping some-well-known-domain.com works as expected.


Son of Beastie

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This usually indicates a DNS resolving problem somewhere. I've had it happen on hosts where there was no entry for in /etc/hosts for example.