Many ports fails to compile..

Hi there

I'm trying to compile gnome by invoking the command portinstall gnome2-lite but there is many ports which fails..

Will these ports will be built ?

What can I do?

Thanks for answers.
These ports won't be built unless you manage to compile their dependencies, which are, according to the error message you posted, 'x11-tollkits/gtk-2 ' and 'devel/gconf2'.
Therefore you should first check why portinstall failed to build these two ports.
I tried to compile into the directory /usr/ports/x11/gnome2-lite/ by running make install clean, for the moment it compiles the ports which failed :)

Let's see then.

FWIW I usually have to restart portinstall -Rp gnome2-lite a couple of times for everything to build. Not sure why, some ports seem to have buggy dependencies, they'll try to install a dependecy a different port already installed. In the end (after a couple of restarts) it all gets done and the resulting packages work on different machines.