Managing multiple installations of www applications

It's been a while since I've been using FreeBSD (since 4.x) and I am trying to make a return to 11 to check things out. Gentoo has been my primary OS for both server and desktop for the time being.

One thing that Gentoo has is this webapp-config tool that helps manage installations of web applications installed through portage. In a nutshell, things like Wordpress or Roundcube are installed/maintained at /usr/share/webapps/ and are installed/upgraded by webapp-config into virtual hosts under Apache/nginx/etc. This keeps portage away from the files being used by the virtual hosts and are only upgraded during maintenance times. More details here:

I am wondering if the proper way to manage this in FreeBSD is similar, just without an official tool. Install ports to /usr/local/www/ and then manually copy them into my virtual host folders after the fact? Or is there a similar tool that I do not know about yet?
Hello John5788

Yes, webapp-config is just but a python script and indeed it can be installed on FreeBSD. Follow steps below:
1. Install python: #pkg install python27
2. Download webapp-config into a destination directory of your choice eg ~/webapp-config
3. Install to a target directory eg /home/httpd/htdocs/<package-name>/ by running the script provided in the downloaded files
4. Sort out your execution right using chmod
5. You are good to go.