Managing mono LaserJet Pro M404dn


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I have 2 computers running 12.2 One is my working box, the other a test box (they are not networked at this time). The printer works OK on the working box but not when I transfer it to the test box.
My thinking is that the working box has put stuff in the printer memory that is stopping it from working elsewhere , so I tried removing the usb cable & restarting the printer, but it will not work elsewhere. Does this explanation sound reasonable or not, or is there more to it?


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The test box isn't configured. You typically need to configure CUPS or lpr(1) correctly for a printer to work. It has nothing to do with the printer itself.


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More details on SirDice configuration advice. For users to access usb devices, it usually takes an entry in /etc/devfs.conf. The other thing to look at is there are two usb printer drivers; resetting and non-resetting. Chapter 9 in the handbook goes into more details but you can short cut by comparing the entries in the working vs test box.
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