make config - center options screen?


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When using make config, is there any way to move that options screen to the center of the terminal screen?

I have a very large monitor and the option screen sits far left. It's a little annoying, especially when adjusting the options.



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Have a look at dialog4ports(1), there are environment variables you can set. You could try D4PFULLSCREEN , or experiment with D4PHEIGHT, D4PWIDTH and the other variables.

Look also into dialog(1). You can create with the command dialog --create-rc .dialogrc a configuration file ( for root ) in which you can set various run-time configuration settings, in particular have a look at the --begin option:

--begin y x
          Specify the position of the upper    left corner of a dialog    box on
          the screen.
I'm not entirely sure how to set it in ~/.dialogrc, try:
begin = y x
( replace y x with numbers, representing screen position values )