Solved make buildkernel error for SCSI_DELAY=5000

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Sorry, if the post is not in specialized category.

Today was trying to built custom kernel

Having thoroughly read handbook section 8.4. I create own kernel config.

After starting make buildkernel KERNCONF=[I]MYKERNEL[/I] I do receive error for string in own config file.

String was attributed to the
nooptions    SCSI_DELAY=5000     # Delay (in ms) before probing SCSI

Having commented it out, I resumed built and it went well.

I do not have any SCSI devices and I commented all the SCSI and RAID related sections including options related to SCSI and RAID, so why was the kernel built was with error?

What dependencies have option
to rest non-SCSI devices?
My guess would be that either the option does not exist because the code that uses it has been removed from the custom kernel, or nooptions does not like it when the option that is being removed is also being assigned a value. Unfortunately, the actual error message was not shown.
Thanks for replies.

Actual error message not saved.

But no building stated at all. Was something like "config error line xx".

Thanks. Today 1st time built my kernel.

Just tested, indeed all went well with depreciated reminder of '=5000' of
nooptions    SCSI_DELAY=5000

Thanks. I will mark thread as solved.
Mr Block had the hawk eyes.

I'm confused, though. If you have nodeviced all SCSI away, why do you care about the cpp variable ? If some generic cam/disk/storage code uses it in a generic way, have you checked which direction the default value takes ? Will it be 1000 or 10'000 now ?


I was care only for 'ideal' built - at least as seams for me ;).

From mine beginner side, it seems strange that I putting option related to SCSI to 'nooption', but make does not begins due to error.

It was assumed by me that if some devices placed in MYKERNCONF with 'nodevice' option, then their options should be set to 'nooption' as well.
No worries, I'm also assuming on thin ice.

For the record, default SCSI_DELAY is 2000 msec. I still don't know if it affects all storage somehow.