Other Lumina - How to run things (cairo-dock) at startup?

Hey, still fairly new to FreeBSD. I've been trying out window managers, Lumina came up pretty snappy so I tried installing cairo-dock on it, with xcompmgr.

I'm trying to get cairo-dock to start after xinit, but not sure how or where to put the command? I've tried ~/.config/autostart/desktop, also tried making it executable with a hashbang. I tried in .xinitrc too. When I choose place in autostart from cairo-dock's menu, it fails with "bad file descriptor".

The command I'm using is simply cairo-dock or cairo-dock &.

Any help is appreciated, wm agnostic approach preferred if it exists, thanks!
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You can add auto-started applications in the Lumina configuration panel.
Just to expound on this a bit more:
If you use the lumina-config tool to add an auto-started application, then it creates (or sym-links) a .desktop file into your ~/.config/autostart/ directory. This is according to the XDG/FreeDesktop standards used by most modern desktops, but be warned that many window managers (not full desktop environments) do *not* follow the XDG standards. So if you decide to switch to some other WM later on then you may need to lookup how that particular window manager expects additional startup apps to be registered (or put it into your ~/.xinitrc startup routine if you are not using a graphical login manager).