LUA ERROR: Can not open /boot/lua/loader.lua



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Looking at the numerous bug reports I get the impression that the new bootstrap code possibly in some cases might order CAM devices incorrectly, maybe due to some confusion/bug in hardware recognition, and in this case booting fails.

It might also be an issue with particular optical drives, as I some time ago had to try multiple DVD drives from my storage until booting the ISO succeeded. (I suspected some problem with the drives, as they were used but refurbished. But, further examination of the drives 'rejected' by FreeBSD DVD only showed perfect functional state, not downgraded in any way.)

There are several reports in the PR linked in your link that look like as if unplugging the optical drive and installing via USB stick could be a work-around to make FreeBSD work.

In this case, instead of an internal optical drive, one probably would need an external one that can be unplugged while booting.
Another alternative might be installing a switch on the front plate, so you can power on the internal optical drive after boot-up.
Sadly, both options are not viable for me.


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It is a meager thin client, no driver at all to unplug, neither CD nor HDD. And I am booting from net.



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Does the trick to replace the lua bootloader with the old (11.2) one no longer work?
I ask, because, reading back more in this thread and <self-censored>, I am really considering to add the option "Remove Lua bootloader" in my postinstaller.

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I have downloaded FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso today, 18-Oct-21, burnt it to a disk and booted from it (on an old AMD-64 system which has been running Linux for many years).
I get this same old error: LUA ERROR: Cannot open /boot/lua/loader.lua: no such file or directory
Did anybody find a solution for this? Or is FreeBSD just not supported on older hardware now?